nice to meet you

i'm carly - a software engineer with a background in web/front end

get to know me

background + interests

a brief overview of where my skills and passions currently lie - though i'm always working on new projects and trying to learn more

proficient languages

Javascript, Typescript, HTML5/CSS3, GraphQL, Java

familiar languages

Python, C, Hack, Swift, C++, SQL, R


React Native, React JS, Git, Optimizely, Datadog, NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, Angular, Jupyter, LaTeX

operating systems

Windows, Mac, Linux

want to learn

Graphic Design, Game Design, Computer Vision

outside tech

Photography, Music, Crafting, Travel, Crossword Puzzles


work experience


Front End Software Engineer

Hoboken, NJ (Remote) | Mar 2022 - Nov 2022

Created features and ran experiments on the front end of both Native App and Web to improve user experience for buyers and sellers using React Native, Typescript, GraphQL, Optimizely, and other tools. Examples include redesigning the post-flow process for sellers, adding prices to search page, creating components for the Universal Component Library, and bug fixes. Additionally worked with backend team members to integrate changes into the GraphQL layer on the front end to modernize the taxonomy and categorization process for listings. Handled on-call duties including updating and deploying libraries, deploying the app to lower environments and to the app stores, monitoring Datadog status following deployments, and responding to any alarms.


Software Engineer

Menlo Park, CA | Aug 2020 - Aug 2021

Worked with an agile team on developing the React front end of a new internal tool that assists release managers in deploying and monitoring app store releases for the Family of Apps. Additionally lead two projects - a kill switch to quickly disable releases on that page and notify users in the event of deployment toolchain failure, and creating the React front end and GraphQL layer for an internal tool that assists Release Managers in identifying problematic commits.


Software Developer Intern

Roseland, NJ | May 2019 - Aug 2019

Worked with an Agile Team on the front-end development for the associate and client sides of an angular app to enable terminated clients to pay for W2 processing online. Worked with angular, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Oracle, and other tools.


Software Developer Intern

New York, NY | May 2018 - Aug 2018

Worked with an Agile Team on various rebranding achievements including redoing the pattern library as well as the company website and various microsites. Worked with React JS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, and other tools.


I love to work on side projects when I am able both out of passion and in the hopes of expanding my development skills. Some of these projects are exhibited below, and more can be found on my github page!